A Few Comments
about the ABC's of Dog Breeding

“Claudia Orlandi, Ph.D. [and] her educational seminars and the ABC’s of Dog Breeding Home Study Program have helped improve dog breeding and make canine genetics easier to understand.”

Dog Fancy Magazine, “45 People Who Changed the Dog World” (Anniversary Issue, March, 2015)

“The ABC’s of Dog Breeding is an absolute stunner and a must have for anyone, whether an old hand or someone just stepping out along the road of dog breeding….Orlandi relegates many old wives’ tales to the compost, replacing them with a variety of ‘ah-Ha!’ moments....As a basic course on dog breeding…it succeeds brilliantly.”

Laurie Savoie, Canine Review

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding is not only for breeders – it should be studied by all in the fancy: owners, exhibitors, handlers and judges.  Claudia shatters many breeding myths and replaces them with facts....This is the only book I’ve read in my approximately 50 years in the sport that makes genetics easily understandable.” 

E. M. Gilbert, Jr., co-author of K-9 Structure and Terminology

“Breeding is not just mating two dogs. You may be lucky with the first litters’ results but a sincere breeder must also know where the qualities, faults and disqualifications came from for future breeding. This is where the study of genetics comes into play.  The ABC’s of Dog Breeding Home Study Program helps explain genetics to novice and serious breeders in a simple, understandable language with excellent illustrations.” 

Wendell J. Sammet, AKC Breeder of the Year

“Talk about user friendly!  I always found genetics a tough row to hoe, but the ABC’s of Dog Breeding makes it straightforward, understandable and fun!” 

Damara Bolte, Reveille Basenjis